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DIY Glow in the Dark Indicator

This is the best way I’ve found to get those indicators nice and bright for your late night brown sessions below the orange street bridge!

First what we need:

  1. Glow in the dark Thingamabobbers or any air filled clear indicator.

  2. 24 hour light stick, not the 12 hour ones the kids use.

  3. Needle and syringe (easy as peas from your local pharmacist)

  4. Something strong, pointy and sharp. Choose wisely… I prefer an ice pick or the leather punch on a Swiss Army knife that know one seems to use nowadays.

  5. Super glue. Zap-a-gap is the best.

  6. Rags or paper towel

Let’s get started!

Break the glow stick and use the ice pick to carefully make a small hole at the top. Next remove the “good stuff” with your syringe and needle, then insert into the thinga. Only fill 1/4 of the way. To much and you lose the sensitivity of your indicator and run the risk of spooking some weary fish. Seriously though, resist the urge to overfill, you will be surprised at how bright this is. Clean off the needle hole with the rag, glue it shut with your super glue and Voila…the best glow in the dark indicator west of the Mississippi. Last’s all night, super cheap and totally reusable, just scrape off the glue and squeeze out over the trash. Downside: it gets messy…but so do most nights spent fishing under bridges.

Now get to your pharmacy and I’ll see you under orange street.

Remember to always check local fishing regulations before heading out at night, under bridges, with needles and glow sticks while standing in the water waiving a stick. Basically stay kosher k.

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