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Why every raft should have these...

If you own a raft or know some who does, you know the constant maintenance and endless pumping of the raft’s bladders. The airCap by TRiB solves the problem with a super simple solar powered, highly accurate pressure gauge, measuring up to 20psi. Fully sealed and once installed(as simple as unscrewing the old cap and screwing in the new) completely maintenance free. Check your existing air caps to verify if they are Leafield ( LF) or I’ve found over the 18yrs of guiding a vast majority of rafts I see are under inflated, leading to a slower, less responsive and “stickier” boat. Most people have herd or seen the horrors of over inflation, puncture at the first sign of rocks, unglued seems and the dreaded pizza bubble bladder. Which is why I think so many boats go under inflated in the first place. Its hard to keep a raft at a consistent psi in Montana with alpine passes, cold trout streams, fluctuating night/day temps and highway speeds. This cap makes that less hard…that simple! Gone are days of digging through my bags for a pressure gauge, going up and down high alpine passes wondering if I’m gonna blow a bladder and rowing what feels like a wet soggy towel of a fishing craft. Remember: 1. your boat will drop in psi(add air) as soon as it’s off the trailer and in the cold water, and reverse that process (let out air)when it comes out of thei cold river to your hot trailer and full sun. 2. When going up in elevation your boat will increase in psi and depending on how you strap your boat down you may need to get out and deflate each valve. Top the boat to the manufactures recommended psi( my NRS Dodger is 2.5psi)

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