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Don't bring this on your it's not a banana!

Most have heard the old saying, never bring a banana on a boat, the theory's on why/where the superstition originated from are in hot dispute, but wanna know what every captain does agree on?

NEVER USE SPRAY SUNSCREEN on, near or even up wind 1/2 mile from the boats. Why you might ask is simple, it stains fiberglass gel coats, eats through layers of PVC on raft tubes and is a general nuisance in the boating world.

These sprays contain an untold number of chemical compounds and leave orange marks everywhere on a boat, from the gelcoat to the vinyl. Additionally, these sprays are bacon-grease slick and, if sprayed directly onto the deck, they can leave the floor dangerously slippery. A slippery deck is never a good thing, especially making your way around the boat or, even worse, when fighting a fish. When spraying, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that these formulas are made of strong chemicals. Some of the spray land’s in our waterways and that is definitely not very fishy! Not to mention how fast it degrades fly lines and monofilament. In the world of big fish and light lines it's the latter that the angler in me see's the most value in. Monofilament can lose up to 25% of its break strength just on initial exposure, add to that baking in the hot sun for a couple hours and you have a recipe for disaster. A quick search of fisherman friendly sunscreens is all you need to keep the boat, lines, gear and most importantly yourself, looking good for years to come.

Personally I wouldn't worry to much about the banana thing….we all need some potassium rowing down the river every now and then!

"A quick search for Fisherman Safe Sunscreen brings up a ton of great options to choose from"

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